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Megan and Jet’s car

Another fun little project, added some colour to this old Mazda 929 for Megan and Jet, thanks guys!

Lily, Elsie and Hazel

Had a great day doing this for Lily, Elsie and Hazel in their backyard, lucky kids to have super cool parents! Thanks Brett and Bianca.


This was a fun little commission, client specifically wanted a Nasty Arts piece! Need more gigs like that…

ACID Studio

ACID Studio have turned some of Adelaide’s graffiti artists works into wall stickers for interiors. Check out their website for more info…

via ACID Studio
ACID Studio facebook

Montana Whiteline production

Ugly heads at work…

Adelaide Strikers mural

Bit of a commercial gig for the Adelaide Strikers cricket team…

Video link

Tahns, Nish collab for Zhivago

Jetty Road..

Was asked to do this wall with the Toy Soldiers and wasn’t sure how my stuff would work with their mad character/scenery steez so I tried to make it look like bubbles are rising out of the letters. Kinda looks like a shipwrecked piece!


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